Ona-Ken! -International-!

The very popular Japanese version of Ona Ken! arrives in English! 1: Introduction Nao Kasukabe is a famous troublemaker in school. Right now her boom is whopping masturbation! She’ll start a new club involving her childhood friend Hibiki, her classmate Norika, even Mako the upperclassman. Its name is Ona-Ken! The club activities will be forced conversation while masturbating with pink-cheeked shame. Norika and Mako talk explicitly about how they’re touching themselves, and Nao demonstrates the variety of masturbation methods of women using her own body. Ona-Ken! is the pursuit of great masturbation. What heights will eager loins reach when they belong to girls who never get tired of jilling off? 2: Sales point The theme of this title is Masturbation. See the sometimes cheerfully liberal, sometimes obscenely ribald secret doings of girls who love masturbation. Each has a maniac obsession with making herself feel good that’s beyond imagination! And when the members of Ona-Ken! can no longer be satisfied with just onanism… (multi-endings) … the result is a must-see. Please enjoy the HENTAI of girls that’s more than we men can fantasize. 3: Ona-Ken! official website https://ona-ken.blog.jp/ * This product is translated into English by the circle. Voice actresses: Rizu Sawashiro Matsuri Sugihara Akiho Kamisaka Shiho Nakaya

Circle:Fruits JAM


Genre:Female Heroine Only,Lesbian,Masturbation,Hentai

Release date:Aug/24/2015