Onsen Hime: Limited Vol. 1 #1!

Product Intro: Welcome to the debut of the Onsen Hime: Limited Series. This series is the next generation of our older animated releases, featuring never before seen animations and still pics of previously introduced girls. We have also added a new 3-D look to our game that will add to the player’s game play enjoyment. Tired of having to spend hours unlocking all the steamy parts of a game? Our Limited games will have most content already unlocked. This release comes with four (4) animated sex scenes and twenty-four (24) H-pictures already unlocked for your pleasure. To make sure you don’t get bored we also included eight (8) bonus animated sex scenes and twelve (12) bonus H-pictures that can be unlocked in game via quest completion. To unlock bonus content, just scour the forests, caves and ruins in this dungeon crawl type game to find chests, girls and bosses. As in our previous games there are still monsters to battle, tools to create and decisions for the player to make regarding weapons and skill sets. Game play uses a simplified point and click with choice selection. Featured Characters: Nami, Amelia, Sakura, Mai This game is in English so the Japanese language pack is not required. Please purchase as dlsite members to receive game version updates. All Help and Control directions for use of the game have been imbedded into the Game system’s help menu. Click on the ? icon found in the upper right hand corner of the game screen after starting a game. ***Note: Shutdown all other applications before starting this program. ***NOTE: IF YOU EXPERIENCE ISSUES SAVING, PLEASE RUN IN ADMIN MODE*** If you experience any issues with the product, please refer to PRODUCT SUPPORT link for help. PRODUCT SUPPORT: https://privateergalley.blogspot.com/p/product-support.html


Categories:Game,RPG / Fantasy

Genre:Fantasy,Bukkake,Breast Sex,Lesbian,Big Breasts,Pubic Hair

Release date:Mar/04/2015