Perils of Fantasy - Terror From the Swamp!

You are a spawn of an evil creature. It has ordered you to capture creatures which are suitable for mating. You will travel across the Kingdom, and across dimensions in search of these creatures. You will have to spawn to sneak into hostile buildings, peak through windows, travel through sewer pipes, ventilation systems, and chimneys, climb walls, and travel to spiritual dimensions to find all 15 creatures. You can’t do it alone. Capturing any female creature worthy to hold your mucus will allow you to impregnate them. They will give birth to your minions. But will your master be satisfied in the end? What will you do if he is not? The fate of your race is in your tentacles. This RPG features an engaging action battle system and challenging foes to defeat. Animated sex scenes with manual progression are included. There are 15 main female characters. This product requires font pack gulim.ttc for text to be displayed. The font pack may not be included in your version of windows. Please confirm your system compatibility via the trial version.




Release date:Oct/05/2011