[ENG Ver.] Anal Jelly Sumo

Summary It’s the anal jelly sumo battle of the century, but who will come out on top? What will happen when their pride is on the line…?! Read on as these two cute girls get bow-legged from endless squirting ass-gasms. Hope you like all the colorful jelly and dirty moans! 51 pages total / Resolution: 1000×1500 / Black and white with some colored jelly Characters Lemon’s (left) personality: As expected from her looks, she’s a cocky little weakling. Lemon’s weak spots: Throat, esophagus, upper rectum, and more… Zakuro’s personality: She pretends to be calm, but has no tolerance on getting taunted. Zakuro’s (middle) weak spots: Nipples, stomach, sigmoid, and more… Ichigo’s personality: She’s shy and timid, but her interest in sexy stuff is up the roof. Ichigo’s (right) weak spots: It’s a secret…! Additional Information No penises here! Features scenes where the stomach swells and expands. No poop either! Totally clean!

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Buttocks,Lots of White Cream / Juices,Successive Orgasms,Drugs,Foreign Objects,SF,Lesbian,Squirting / Gushing

Release date:05/27/2023