[ENG Ver.] GEKOKUJO MONOGATARI ~academy where social status is determined by lesbian battles~

The story of a commoner girl who overthrows the social caste of the rich bitch school she managed to get into. The more she makes her opponent cum in the ring, the higher her social status will become! [Synopsis] Koume, a commoner with excellent grades, manages to enter Saint Sapphire Academy, and there she is reunited with her once childhood friend “Karin Saionji.” However, while Karin was kind at first… when she finds out that Koume is not rich, her attitu changes drastically! “Don’t talk to me you poor person…!” It would seem that Karin had come to hate commoners. (I just wanted to be friends with Karin like we used to be…!) “Karin Saionji… I challenge you to a [DUEL]!” Using the [GEKOKUJO] rule that is granted only to commoners, a sex battle to see who can make who cum the most begins in the underground arena—- Sexual Play: Catfighting / Lesbian Battle Clit and nipple teasing Cunnilingus, squirting, and more! There is some belly blows, but they don’t seem too painful. 20 main pages + academy principle’s explanation, the cover, and character bios = 23 total pages As this is the first volume in the series, the introductory part is long-ish. The second half of the manga is mostly the fight scene. Author: AmaiMeiden (@sweetymeiden) I had assistance with the line-art and would like to thank that person here. Characters Koume Kanzaki A commoner girl who managed to get into Saint Sapphire Academy thanks to her excellent grades. She will up her social status via dueling and turn the tables on the rich bitches that bully her. Karin Saionji A girl that used to be a commoner, but after her father became hugely successful turned into a rich bitch upstart with a heart of black. She will use her social status in the duel. Academy Principle The person that permitted Koume to duel against her bullies. She absolutely LOVES lesbian battles! Smartphone version: [cover and character bios] content can only be viewed via in-browser (DLsite Play).

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:School Swimwear,School / Academy,Fighting / Martial Arts,Cat Fight,Yuri / Girls Love,Lesbian,Gekokujo (the lower rules the higher),Clit Teasing

Release date:08/18/2023