[ENG Ver.] Provide Me Warmth Before I Break

Someone… anyone… please save me… Hina is a girl that ends up selling her body as a prostitute even though she has never even dated a guy. He hands her pristine body over to a stranger… or She offers her pristine body, or accepts the twisted desires of her clientele… and is sullied in exchange for money. Aiming to achieve some normal sense of happiness, she kills her heart and endures her circumstances. However, her situation gradually worsens until it becomes the worst it possibly could. With no-one to rely upon…. what awaits Hina when her last glint of hope is snuffed out…? * While this work contains expressions of impregnation, it does not contain any pregbelly sex. 88 main pages / Grayscale Manga 1416×2000 resolution PDF format included

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Decadent / Immoral,Sex Industry / Soapland,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Coercion / Compulsion,Anal,Cum Swallowing,Forced Oral / Irrumatio,Nipples / Areola

Release date:08/29/2023