[ENG Ver.] Gloomy Girl with a Sexy Body Cums like Crazy when her Teacher Fucks Her 2

[Synopsis] Aomizuan x Yoshiaki Katsurai team up to present you a sexy story about a gloomy girl who is bullied by her peers (They’re just jealous). After all, it’s this kind of girl that usually has a hot curvy body… In this chapter… the gloomy girl Akane has mostly given up and gets sexually corrupted even further by her teacher’s big dick. Even though there’s a guy she likes, her lewd body turns violation into pure pleasure… making Akane cum over and over and over again. Rape… turns to love. Innocence, to debauchery. A virgin, to a slut. [Contents] Recommended for those that… – get hot and horny over busty and voluptuous students – love the immoral pleasure and perversion of teacher x student rape stories …and really love those poor gloomy girls that just can’t seem to say NO. …yet for some reason are really good looking. – like a little bit of NTR, even if they don’t want the whole package. – love it when girls that think sex is bad are corrupted by pleasure into super sensitive sluts. – love it when such girls lose to big dick power plays. – love the immoral sex of being able to have your way with a despondent girl …who has pretty much given up and will let you do anything you want. And ESPECIALLY for those that… – LOVE Yoshiake Katsurai’s artwork!!! 38 pages / full color + without text ver. [Credits] Artwork: Yoshiaki Katsurai ( https://twitter.com/katsurai ) Coloring: Niyasuke ( https://twitter.com/bn_ny0 ) Scenario, storyboard: Aomizuan ( https://twitter.com/ti_jiyuugyou )

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Student,Uniform,Decadent / Immoral,Cuckoldry (Netori),Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:07/22/2022