Unfortunately the adventurer's book 4 has vanished.(English edition)

Visiting lower-ranked succubus beauties, boys get cumsqueezed as pleasuring as even their minds go blank and their lifeforce are sucked through the succubi’s energy absorption process. Vol. 4. Cistina is a white magic teacher who once fought with the legendary hero Will. Two of her students Neil and Zash are very closely attached to her. When a certain thing happens, the boys go to defeat succubi but end up getting violated by Cistina and the succubus onesan… Zash loses to the two girls who lewdly sample on his sperm, and succubi gather around to continue draining them. Cistina attempts to use some white magic but…? This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Unfortunately the adventurer’s book 4 has vanished. (Japanese edition) (RE250073)”



Genre:No Reverse,Breasts,Serial Product,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,English Works,Blowjob / Fellatio,Reverse Rape,Big Breasts

Release date:03/27/2020