[ENG Ver.] Kyun Kyun Fantasy Quest

* Contains depictions of futanari. ———————————— The setting of this work is a “Fantasy World”. The protagonist is a cherry boy who runs an armor shop. When a swordswoman visits his shop, what does he do…? After a while, along comes another customer. A magical girl enrolled in the magic academy. It turns out that she knows a powerful magical spell. An R18 magical spell… “NYOKKIKKI” (Roughly translated from Old Arcana as FemBulgeApparatus… whatever THAT means.) She uses it on the swordswoman, and lo and behold! A DICK grows out and up from her crotch!!! Having tasted the forbidden fruit, the swordswoman can never go back… With each thrust of her hips, a pussy devours and sucks her tight. Writhing lewdly to squeeze her dry of milk… The protagonist gulps… his own bulge bursting at the seams… begging to be set free from the prison of his pants… He grips his dick ever so firmly, and trembling with excitement… What happens next…? Find out for yourself! ————————————– 60 color pages + 24 monochrome pages = 84 pages total 1920×1080 image resolution * Presented in 2-page spread format. Each image file contains 2 pages worth of content ————————————– Sample images can also be found on my pixiv page. Pixiv ID: 16314181 Twitter: ail00918485

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Big Breasts,No Pubic Hair, Futanari,Voluptuous / Plump

Release date:05/18/2022