[ENG Ver.] No Risk Of Genetic Diseases Means Daddy-Daughter Baby Making

The Electra Complex gene. This gene makes girls raised in a single-father household lust uncontrollably after their dad. It also reduces the risk of hereditary diseases, which when compared to ordinary couples, reduces the risk to zero. So, here’s a manga all about girls seducing their dads! Kokoro Atora Her mother has passed away. Her drunk father mistakes her for her deceased mother and takes her to bed… Touko Furoi Her mother has passed away. After finding out she has Electra Complex, she talks with her father. After living separately was suggested, she burst into tears and… Jun Karugusu Her parents divorced when she was very small. Her dad has a job at a great company, and recently her mother has been back in contact with him. But before things could go any further she managed to achieve fait accompli…

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Glasses,Daughter,Father,Yandere,Decadent / Immoral,Internal Cumshot,Pregnancy / Impregnation

Release date:12/16/2023