[ENG Ver.] MESU-DACHI four ~big slit eyed senpai~

Our fourth release in the MESU-DACHI series. The heroine this time is a “big girl”!? [Synopsis] Kon-chan had often been affectionately known as “big girl senpai” due to her tall stature. While she proactively takes on the comedian role in her social groups, she also has a complex about her tall stature, and has come to think that cute things don’t suit her, and that she herself is not cute. That’s when her childhood friend Chisa, her childhood friend and part-time work fellow, invites her to another part time job… At a “maid cafe” with frilly uniforms…!? She is persuaded by the yandere Chisa that it’s just a one-off job and the two become the protagonist’s exclusive maids… They give him glans teasing double fellatio from both sides, and then have a threesome with a creampie finale! With his big thick dick, he turns the maid uniform clad older childhood friend into another one of his friends with benefits by making lots of sweet sweeeet love to her. * The first 17 pages are available as in the demo data!

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Cross-section View,Childhood Friend,Yandere,Maid,Internal Cumshot,Blowjob / Fellatio

Release date:10/05/2023