Masochist Girl Reincarnated as a Cool Knightess Fulfills her Dreams of being Lewdly Corrupted

A masochistic girl(you) is reincarnated in another world and dreams of being humiliated and turned into a whore one day. You play the role of a cool holy knight. One day, she encounters a case of lewdness among the girls in town. She goes to the dungeon, excited that she too will be turned into a whore. There, she finds a variety of “Tenma Onsen” (hot springs) that turn people into Succubus. Sparhk, a young girl who is a succubus, leads us to a hot spring where we are transformed into bondage succubus girls. You are then violated by the worms that live in the muddy hot springs! You will be hypnotised into becoming more and more obscene and you will become a perfect Succubus! The story is 27 pages long, plus 3 pages of a bonus manga about a town girl who was rescued. The story is also full of human and bondage. The heroines are not named, so you can think of them as you, the person who wants to be humiliated. The English version was translated by a friend in England. It may be a little different from American English. Please understand. This comic is also quite manic, is it OK? (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Abnormal / Perverted,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Cool Attitude (Submissive),Rubber,Ahegao / Gapeface,Corrupted Morals

Release date:01/21/2022