[ENG Ver.] NUUDLE: Exhibitionist Style Idol Group That Gets Fully Nekkid

A fledgling star thought she had finally achieved her dream of becoming an idol, but… never dreamed she would be dancing on stage naked!? The audition she successful passed the screening stage for turned out to be for an idol unit with the concept of full frontal nudity! Will she step up to the plate and become a “NUUDLE”? All dancing and singing totally in the nude! Humiliation to the MAX!! Fan services includes totally nekkid polaroid pictures, dickshaking events, and more…!? Full Color Manga 35 pages (Consisting of 31 main pages + cover + without text cover variations, etc.) PDG / JPEG formats

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Female Protagonist,Entertainer / Idol / Model,Pleasure Corruption,Ahegao / Gapeface,Masturbation,Outdoor Exposure,Shame / Humiliation,Big Breasts

Release date:09/23/2023