The Senshi Dolls #11 - Cleanliness & Dirtiness

(Translated by the circle) Hotaru returns from her time with Chibi-Usa and Ikuko to see how the tiny Outers are holding up, only to realize they were messing with the remote. After they were reverted back to normal by their giant caretaker, Hotaru gives them a bath they’ll never forget. Meanwhile, Ami-doll’s been in the trash bin at McWonald’s for a while now, and wonders when Shingo will ever return. As they wait continues, things will only get worse for her, when the employees who work there are taking out the trash…and where Ami’s at is next! CREDITS: STORY: Mercurius LINES/LETTERER: Israel (Atreyu Studio) COLORS: Tom (Atreyu Studio)



Genre:Fetish,Coercion / Compulsion,Short Hair,Torture

Release date:08/24/2020