[ENG Ver.] Perverted Elf and The Adventurer's Guild 4 ~Guardian of the Great Wetlands~

[Synopsis] A cleric, apprentice magician, and rookie martial artist have been tasked with a quest to slay a monster called the “Guardian of the Great Wetlands.” This will be the martial artist’s first quest battle, but it turns out she is actually the descendent of an ancient martial artist tribe of demi human dragons! They easily defeats their target monster thanks to her overwhelming power, and the party sets up camp in the wetlands for that night. Previously, the cleric has been drug raped by the apprentice magician during such an outing, so this time she was paying careful attention, but… one small slip up and…? She just barely escapes by using petrifaction magic, but the apprentice magician’s target merely switched to the rookie martial artist. Woops! As a descendent of demi human dragons, it would seem that the drug has no effect on her. Given that she is much more powerful than the magician, he is about to give up on getting some sex tonight when… He notices that she’s drunken too much alcohol, and has little to no wariness against or knowledge about sexual matters. The apprentice magician devises a naughty plan on the spot… To get the ball into his court and have it rolling in a saucy direction!! [Contents] 36 main monochrome manga pages + 1 color cover + 1 bonus color illustration + 1 afterword page = 39 total pages JPG / PDF formats Contains the following situations / elements: perverted protagonist, shota, older girl, breasts, loose guard, ignorant about sex, touching and teasing, outdoor sex, cunnilingus, fellatio, titjob, masturbation, and more! [Credits] Production: Older Girl Heaven Original Work: Erogaki Angel Artwork: Uyuu Twitter: @erogakitenshi * The concept of this creator’s works is “Shōnen manga style softcore scenes + Actual penetrative SEX!”

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Elf / Fairy,Warrior,Younger (Dominant),Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Masturbation,Outdoor Sex,Boyish Girl,Ponytail

Release date:04/01/2023