[ENG Ver.] The Mark of a Femslave & Feminization Discipline with a Yandere Mistress

“The Mark of Femslave” When the protagonist is sleeping together with his girlfriend, she points out a strange mark on his left arm. He is unable to remember how it got there, or how long it has been there. The phone rings and, leaving his girlfriend behind, the protagonist ends up heading to see a doctor. They jab him with a syringe and next thing he knows, his body is transforming into that of a woman and he has become incapable of resisting their commands… “Feminization Discipline with a Yandere Mistress” Masaki has been turned into a woman by Reika, the mysterious daughter of a wealthy family. When he wakes up, he finds himself on our bed. Along comes Reika in her lingerie… and she makes a move on the now female Masaki. Masaki’s friend has infiltrated the mansion in order to rescue him from Reika’s clutches, but…

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Drugs,Yandere,Feminization,Sex Change / Transsexual

Release date:08/08/2023