[ENG Ver.] ToraToriToru! An Innocent Boy and His Succubus Maid

Summary A brand-new manga based on ToraToriToru, winner of the 2021 DLsite award for Outstanding Story! But this time, there’s even more sexy fun…! Artist LiO has been making waves over at Fanza Games, and now brings their beautiful, vibrant style to the world of ToriToraToru! All pages are FULL color! 22 pages total! *For story reasons, there is no full-on sex in this manga. Story The young lord of the manor has a problem: his maids are just too damn hot! They’re always tempting him inadvertently with their sexy, sexy bodies, and he can’t take it anymore! So he sends a letter to his father hoping he’ll solve the issue… Instead, however, a new maid joins the fray: an equally seductive succubus named Salia! Things are about to get crazier than ever before… Now you can enjoy the prologue of the original game in a whole new way! Credits Original Work & Art: LiO https: //twitter.com/lio8644 Planning/Concept: INAZUMA SOFT https: //ci-en.dlsite.com/creator/2713 Character Concepts: sakanoike https: //twitter.com/sakananoike Cover Design: muff-dot https: //omochilab.net/



Genre:Shota,Oneesan / Older Girl / Older Sister,Succubus / Incubus,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Big Breasts,Tanned Skin / Suntan

Release date:01/28/2023