Yumewatari no Mistress: night 3

” … But your power is far stronger than either mine or Lilly’s. That viscous human devouring candy of yours is like a living creature. Those that are swallowed up by it lose their freedom. They are COMPLETELY bound. ” An original manga series that depicts lesbian BDSM with skintight suits. Contains: ball gag / bound with clothes / whipping / restraint etc. Originally released at Comic Market 92. 48 pages total 300dpi PDF file formats 『 妳的力量比我跟莉莉還要更強啊。  就像是生物一樣改變外觀、形狀、黏性,能吞噬人的「水飴」能力。  被它吞下的人會被奪去所有的自由、被「完全地拘束」起來 』 暑假的某個夜晚,淫魔少女見羅寺來到了秋野身邊。 被她所邀請,再次於他人的夢中玩SM。 秋野的過去、莉莉的目的…各自的想法交錯的系列作第3話。 ◆Comic Market 92發行的原創漫畫。  口球著衣緊縛和鞭打、以及大家都很熟悉的固定拘束。  全48頁。300dpi PDF版。



Genre:Collar / Chain / Restraints,Transforming Girl,Rubber,Yuri / Girls Love,Lesbian,SM,Restraint

Release date:01/27/2018