Girls Beat! - Cerberus Girls

A pack containing 3 works from the Girls Beat! series. Contains the following works: Girls Beat! vs Akane (RJ332122) : Girls Beat! vs Moe (RJ335191) : Girls Beat! vs Saki (RJ338851) : [Summary] Boxer Yuuto tries to expand his repertoire as a fighter by joining Beat!. He’s gone lean in order to make the featherweight cut, but will that help against his 3 thick pro-wrestling opponents, the Cerberus Girls… [Characters] Yuuto: A featherweight boxer with some success in the regional qualifiers. He decides to partake in Beat! in order to strengthen himself through exposure to a different fighting style. That said, he’s rather reserved in personality, and women in particular give him trouble… Akane: A high-school pro-wrestler who utilizes a mix of strikes and sleeper techniques. A girl that appreciates the art of the ebb and flow of wrestling, and in particular loves showing the fans a good comeback victory. And once she gets going, she has some sadistic techniques to unleash… Moe: A young schoolgirl that’s skilled in pro-wrestling. Her innocent looks belie the power within. She is skilled at delivering blows so intense her opponents’ faces break, and she compliments this raw strength with hamulating chokes and locks. Perhaps her strongest weapon is her massive ass, which she puts to great use with her traumatizing hip presses. Saki: The head of her school’s pro-wrestling club, With the power and body to overwhelm even most men, she’s at the top of the heap in schoolgirl divisions. She employs sleeper techniques to down her opponent, and then finishes them off with breast smothering or thigh chokes. Due to her sadistic personality, she refuses to let opponents off the hook when the give up, and continues destroying them until she’s satisfied.

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler / Fighter,Sports,Fighting / Martial Arts,Verbal Humiliation,Submissive Man

Release date:09/10/2021