Ninja Girls The Ritual of Deadly Catfight

Summary Ninja Girls The Ritual of Deadly Catfight Everyone loves the Ninja, and if the Ninja are two beautiful and sexy girls? Welcome back and boys girls in the fabulous world of PandoraCatfight! The sexy fighting girls never stop fighting! There are always new worlds to explore and erotic characters to create! Today we are in the Far East, two beautiful little dressed and very sexy Ninja girls are on a mission for their lord … But the two girls belong to rival Clans and their missions are diametrically opposed … What will happen now that these two Ninja Girls are face to face? Are you ready for an epic fight? Big tits that collide, milk and blood, wet pussies and lots of action with a ruthless ending! 45 Pages with Catfight images and history! 47 Pages of extra content! For a total of 98 Pages!



Genre:Fighting / Martial Arts,Cat Fight

Release date:07/04/2020