[ENG Ver.] Stroke of Insect ~Ants~

A woman tired from her work finds an ant in her room. She picks it up and before she knows it the ant has crept its way up her arm and inside her clothes. Her body is turned on by the ticklish pleasure of the ant crawling all over her. So much in fact that when the ant bites her nipple, she unexpectedly reaches orgasm. The woman is sexually enlightened to a new and titillating world of perversion. The next day she goes out to collect a WHOLE BOX of ants… 32 pages / Full Color * If insects make you squeamish, you may wish to avoid this work. Sexual Play Armpit, ear, sole of foot, anal, vaginal, intravaginal stimulation. The ants crawl allllll~ over her and cause her to orgasm multiple times. * Contains depictions of incontinence. * Contains cross-section cuts. (seX-ray views)

Circle:Translators Unite


Genre:Cross-section View,Foreign Objects,Masturbation,Anal,Interspecies Sex,Insect Sex

Release date:10/19/2022