Paradise Butterfly

Muchimuchi female swordsman, thorough insult! (Product description provided by the creator.) ・Thanks to everyone’s hot messages, I tried English translation for the first time this time! !! ・Mushi Pillar & Love Pillar. ◆Two people also put pillars in the castle in the last quarter! It was supposed to be an easy task… A lot of tentacles and demons awaited there! Many are incapacitated, their tentacles deprive them of their freedom, and their clothes are stripped off. You will be thoroughly hit with the demon’s cock! You can wear a funny swimsuit for your hobby… Please enjoy the two people who taste hell with bad medicine! This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Paradise Butterfly (RJ297205)”



Genre:Anime,DLsite Official Translation,Hand Job,Bukkake,Facial Cumshot,Internal Cumshot,Orgy Sex,Rape

Release date:08/28/2020