Robot Joint Comic [English ver.]

(Description provided by the creator.) Gorgeous 11 people participated, the number of pages is 88 pages (84 pages of text)! SonodaJuka (16P) Giant Alien(vore) vs Giant Robot R-18G Kidataro (6P) Dildo sister attack / Shota type robot receiving ONESHOTA R-18 Yoheita (8P) Two-person travel with a robot (For all ages) Banri (8P) Male and Robo Musume R-18 Shivharu (13P) Giant robot with Alien play gore to mob R-18 and R-18G Takomado (4P) A man destroys a humanoid mini robot R-18G Karasumi (4P) multi-eye robot (For all ages) Murasakithuthuji (6P) Robot and man (For all ages) 1n4c (8P + bonus 1P) Brainwash tentacle attack / Quadruped locomotive R-18 NatsuBerry (5P) Masturbating by Robo Musume R-18 LuckyB(5P) Giant robot vore R-18G (2 of the above works include mechabarre(include mechanics genre)) This product contains overlapping content with the following work: “Robot Joint Comic (RJ273512)”

Circle:Nefradel S.P.A.


Genre:Toys,Foreign Objects,Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Robot / Android,SF,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Bizarre / Eccentric,Blood / Bleeding

Release date:08/22/2020