Taiman! I Can't Let Madoka Beat Me!

Summary Ryouma knocks on the door of the Mixed Fight Club… Today’s opponent is Madoka, a famous content creator. There’s no surrender in this match — knock-outs only! If Ryouma loses, he’ll be forced to appear in one of her videos. But will he be victorious? [Characters] Ryouma: A man who’s been studying Aikido since he was very young, and is well-recognized in his hometown as a fighter. Despite that, however, he really doesn’t have the sense for actual fighting. He was even defeated once by a newbie kickboxer, traumatizing him and giving him the desire to beat up girls just like her… Madoka: A mixed martial artist who makes videos of her fights for her viewers. Her usual uploads are matches against female opponents, but recently, her fights against male opponents have been gaining traction, so her focus is shifting. She has a serious personality thanks to her time at a well-known girls’ school and her many years of martial arts training have resulted in a well-balanced style utilizing pins, strikes, and joint-locking techniques. Currently, she fights with a mixed martial arts style and has the flexibility to learn other skills from her opponents. Thanks to her “serious personality”, she often pushes her opponents much harder than necessary for the views. It’s rare for her to appear at Mixed Fight Club, as she only does so to fight upon special request from the manager, who has been a big supporter of her career. 18 main pages + 1 cover page [About the Mixed Fight Club] Ryouma is searching the internet for sex establishments when a place called “Mixed Fight Club” catches his eye. Sure, it’s 1000 bucks for 20 minutes, but the workers are model-level beauties with martial arts experience. For those 20 minutes, you can do whatever you want with your designated partner…if you can overpower them. Of course, the establishment assumes no responsibility for any injuries incurred during those 20 minutes… Ryouma had internal trauma about this from his school days. He’d always been the class martial artist, but the rise of a spunky female classmate who’d taken up kickboxing led to the two ending up in a match against each other. However, the result was a humiliating defeat for him…and the birth of a desire to defeat and inflict pain on strong women… And so, he elects to contact “Mixed Fight Club”… [Credits] Illustration: vaioob https://www.pixiv.net/users/19581390 Planning / Script / Original Idea: The Nation of Head Scissors https://twitter.com/kubi4_kubi4

Circle:The Nation of Head Scissors


Genre:Wrestler / Fighter,Fighting / Martial Arts,Violence,SM,Verbal Humiliation,Submissive Man,Ryona / Brutal

Release date:11/18/2022