W&W Chapter 2

Chapter 2 ※Contains Japanese, English, and Chinese versions. The comic version of a Fantasy Western previously uploaded on Pixiv! Features bondage and plenty of heroines in peril! [Story] Annetta and co. arrive at the next town, and decide to take a break. However, just then, they are assaulted by a group known as “Albion”. Annetta makes herself bait in order to save Lulu, but ends up getting caught. They begin to interrogate her in hopes of learning Lulu’s whereabouts, and insert her into a barrel with water!? Can Ely and Lulu save Annetta!? 41 pages total (1 cover color + 40 black and white main pages) JPEG & PDF format Contains bondage, gagging, choking, water torture, etc. [Credits] Production: Yumekakiya (MuuMuu) Original Work: MuuMuu Manga: PizzaMan (https://www.pixiv.net/users/1521516)



Genre:Fantasy,Sexual Bondage,Restraint

Release date:02/27/2021