Boxed Girls Maker DLC 9-11:Rika Pack

Summary This DLC allows equipping a school swimsuit in the bra slot. The color can be changed to your liking. * Transparency can be adjusted * This product requires “Boxed Girls Maker (RJ307239)” to run Before installing the DLC, please update to the latest version. 1000×1000 resolution Includes 7 items Requires “Boxed Girls Maker (RJ307239)” to run. Includes overlapping content with: “Boxed Girls Maker DLC 09: Rika’s Eyes (RJ327049)” “Boxed Girls Maker DLC 10: Rika’s Hair (RJ327796)” “Boxed Girls Maker DLC 11: Rika’s School Swimsuit (RJ330280)”



Genre:Clothes Changing / Dress up,Swimwear,School Swimwear,Fiendish / Brutal,Body Modification

Release date:07/02/2021