The Curse of Kisera (Gallery Edition)

“I’m interested in this game, but don’t have enough free time to play it…” Worry not! The “Gallery Edition” was made just for people like you! Not enough time to play a game, but still want to enjoy the erotic content! Well, the power is at your fingertip. Convenient access to all the H scenes and dress-up combinations~ 8 different story-based H scenes (21 CGs with animation) 16 monster defeat animations (16 base CGs) 16 erotic monster attack animations 340 different dress-up combinationed! (17 clothing x 5 heads x 4 eye types) Of course, all the recorded voice work from the game is available (Over 800 clips!) [Situations] – Getting fooled by the village chief – Getting fooled by the doctor – Gang rape by sailors – Getting turned on by sex with a big fat guy – Oneshota – Sending nudes with a smartphone – Interspecies and monster sex



Genre:Female Protagonist,Cross-section View,Prostitution / Paid Dating,Fantasy,Internal Cumshot,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Interspecies Sex,Virgin Female

Release date:11/02/2022