My Dream Girl (Mac Version) V0.13.6

Summary Max’s childhood was rough, despite loosing his parents at a very early age he grew up to be a very decent person (but too decent and kind hearted for this world). Now he is a history professor at a university and while on a picnic to a remote abandoned castle he decides to propose to the woman of his dreams. But a beautiful woman greats him in the castle to his surprise and changes his life forever. Will he willingly except what else awaits him in the feature is for you all to decide. Oh Yes, there is Lewd content in the game so remember to play multiple time with difference choices to enjoy them all or you can play the game without any lewd content just to enjoy the story. Contains overlapping content with “My Dream Girl (RE293473)”

Circle:A Dreamer


Genre:Drugs,Mature Woman / MILF,Teacher,Decadent / Immoral,Shame / Humiliation

Release date:07/09/2020