Who's The Father? (Mac Version)

* This is the MAC VERSION! * The windows ver. can be found here: https://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ333234.html ——————– GET READY FOR THE HOT GAME OF YOUR LIFE!!! A REAL DEEP STORY FULL OF MYSTERY, ADVENTURES, FIGHTS, POWER LEVELS, SPECIAL OBJECTS, MAGIC, STRATEGY, HUMOR AND A LOT MORE!!! A secret power with dark intentions operating in the shadows is willing to control EVERYTHING by subtly destroying social values and morals….. Nobody knows them. Nobody sees them….. They’re moving between darkness and shadows spreading their tentacles EVERYWHERE. People happily welcome social new trends without suspecting ANYTHING about their dark intentions….. Corruption is everywhere: From governments to schools. Corrupted politicians, teachers, cops… And people are living happily, being slaves without knowing it. Slaves of The Puppeteers….. A cage without bars….. Controlled by fashions, milfs are on fire in this city !! So do girls ! Studies and research provided by laboratories secretly financed by The Puppeteers assure that proteins from sperm can keep them young and beautiful for a longer period in life. And the younger and closer the stud the better. It’s a DNA question and seems like nobody can stop The Puppeteers’ dark plans… And here you are! Your name is Brawl, a young man studying in the Liberty High School. You are not a bad student… but definitely not one of your favorites… You’re gonna have to use your skills in some of your passions: fights, challenges and… the ladies. Apparently your house is in a quiet area and everybody lives happily there. But appearances could be deceiving… Trends and society pressure are knocking the door and it’s gonna be up to you whether you open it and accept the challenge or continue with your boring life… One peaceful day….. In the Post Office you pick up a box from (who is supposed to be) your father, a coronel from the army in service in Thailand. Unexpectedly, you find two boxes from him instead of just one, but… The other one is not addressed to your family…..! A mysterious BLACK BOX….. It’s time for you to start doubting about your father… his present… his past… if you really knew him and even if he’s actually your own father…..! If you open IT … Well… better you get ready cause you can’t even imagine the adventure that is waiting for you….. Welcome to Liberty City! Not only your home but all kind of streets, schools, universities and countless ‘unexplored places’ are waiting for you! FIGHT ENEMIES OF ALL LEVELS, accept several challenges, find mysteries, solve puzzles and… get all the girls only for you ! Did you think you could do it all by yourself? Some of your friends will help you during some levels! And you can control several characters! ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ADVENTURE…?? We will see it on the game !



Genre:Mother,Daughter,Real Elder Sister,Internal Cumshot,Muscular

Release date:06/30/2021