El Dorado Of The Stars 2

A fantasy world of boy heroes fighting demonic monsters. The story takes place in the Kingdom of Arencia, which is overrun with boy-milking demons! Will Souta and his friends be able to defeat Bardos and save the kingdom? The second installment in the shota milking RPG series! ——————————- ■ The story involves shota hero boys who fight, and are defeated and milked by demons. (Most story scenes involve boys being milked by demons and male Incubi. These demons take the form of slimes, tentacles, orcs, ropers, etc.) ■ There are a few defeat H-scenes from losing certain battles. (If you win, you can still return and discover them afterwards.) ■ Reminisce about any discovered H-Scenes from a special room. ■ Some lewd and H sound effects such as kissing, sucking, slurping, ejaculation, etc. There are no voices. ■ Partial animation for 16 scenes! ■ 26 Unique H-Scenes, with 122 images in total! ■ A brand-new Skill Point allocation system. Build your party strategically to defeat demons! ■ Play Time: Approximately 5-7 hours. ※Please test the trial version before making a purchase!※ English Translation by PrinceOfCanada



Genre:Shota,Succubus / Incubus,Gay,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:12/12/2021