Product Details A young man awakens in the forest with no memories… inside a world where panties simply aren’t a thing! This is a traditional RPG like the good old days but with 5000% less panties. Packed with what the creator knows makes an RPG shine. If you enjoys RPGs, you probably don’t need much of an explanation as to how this works. A delicate balance of side-view battles, tons of unique, rare gear and items, upgrading your equipment via the forge, enemy gimmicks… Every single detail has been painstakingly crafted. This game is jam-packed with love for the genre, and all those things it has made us feel over the years. A must for RPG fans! *Translation by OTAKU Plan. Please direct all enquiries regarding the translated version to OTAKU Plan. https://twitter.com/otaku_plan Prologue None of the girls are wearing panties?! Our hero awakens with no recollection of who he is or how he got here. This is the world of Dehaina, a place where none of the girls wear panties. The world is supported by the power of special “orbs”, but the evils that be are sucking their power dry. Our hero must take up the mantle of the legendary hero and defeat the evil that threatens this peaceful land! Side-view battles reminiscent of the golden age of RPGs. Big boss fights? Oh yes, they’re in here. Items galore, a gear upgrade system, and enemy gimmicks! Oh my! RPG fans will definitely want to check this game out! Well-balanced mechanics! A traditional story of the protagonist becoming a hero!

Circle:Yellow Gem


Genre:Male Protagonist,Dot / Pixel,RPG Maker,Loli,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Fantasy,No Pubic Hair

Release date:07/07/2023