[ENG Ver.] Lolibabas of Mayohiga

●Story Every year the protagonist visits his grandfather living out in the country. There’s no one his age to play with there, so he wanders a nearby forest alone. Deep in that forest, there’s a place called Mayohiga. There’s a tiny shop, a shrine, and three mysterious girls. They use old words and older mannerisms, and each time he visits, he plays with them. It seems however, that this year there’s something slightly off about them… ●Game Overview This is an erotic adventured-based RPG made in RPG Maker MV. A boy is toyed around with by three erotic lolibabas. There’s a little exploration to be done, but no battles. Erotic scenes are unlocked by talking with the lolibabas and finding certain items. You can view any scene again by going to the lolibabas and begging them for more. Each heroine’s first scene can be enjoyed in the demo version. ●Character Introduction [Mizuha] Despite her age, she loves playing pranks. She loves to mess around with the protagonist. She has a very high libido. [Yoh] A very respected fertility goddesss. She often demands offerings (mainly food) from the protagonist. She has a very high libido. [Nanayo] Runs a certain restaurant in the human world. Of the three, she’s the kindest and calmest towards the protagonist. She has a very high libido. ●Erotic Scenes (Demo Ver.) ・Mizuha has had enough of the boy’s naivety. She crouches down in front of him and lowers his pants… ・Suddenly, the boy can’t keep his eyes of Yoh’s chest, and Yoh doesn’t let that go. ・Nanayo smells so familiar and sweet… Her soothing handjob steals the boy’s heart away…

Circle:Hyla The Sprocket


Genre:Male Protagonist,Loli,Youkai,Kimono / Japanese Clothes,Submissive Man,Big Breasts

Release date:10/28/2022