Snatch! Stealing Somebody's Wife!

An adult RPG with 20+ mature CGs! An adult RPG. 4 bad ends, 4 normal ends and 1 perfect end. Contains 20+ mature CGs. STORY: Orio, who started his journey against the evil god, finally returned to the village after a long one-year journey. Under the curse of the destroyed evil god, Orio needs to fall in love with someone and open her “heart” within two months to be saved. However, the young women in the village were all married when Orio returned. There are no more people who can get married. The frustrated Orio enjoyed the rest of his life alone for two months. But … is this really okay? … Is there really no way to be saved? No! No no no, just do that! Snatch! Snatch! Let’s steal someone else’s wife … !!! Find the walkthrough on the website:

Circle:Hoi Hoi Hoi


Genre:Married Woman,Cheating / Adultery,Fantasy,Blowjob / Fellatio,Consensual Sex,Reverse Rape

Release date:03/08/2020