Heroines' Chord [ENG Ver.]

[Story] Now that Evil’s Ark and Omnicide’s attacks have been thwarted, the world at large has learned of the existence of magical girls. Though many held nothing but adoration for the heroines who protect them, there were some who were envious of their strength. There were some who wanted nothing more than to violate them… These disparate groups soon joined their strengths together, creating an anti-heroine army known as the “Counter Force”. Its ranks even included members of the secret society Shar Dark, as well as representatives from the demon-controlled Groad Corporation. With the this new Counter Force running rampant throughout the city, the heroines were sure to make their appearance… But will they be able to stand up to the unimaginable might of all their enemies combined? [Meet the Heroines] ~Magical Girl of Light and Darkness~ Shirley Please, set me free… Illustration: Ariu CV: Tamaki Himeno Appears in:Magical Girl Prism Shirley Magical Girl Noble Rose Magical Girl Alferica ~Magical Girl of Kindness and Justice~ Noble Rose If you continue your evil ways, you’ll have to face us! Illustration:Ariu CV: Mako Ayane Appears in:Magical Girl Noble Rose Magical Girl Alferica ~The Noble Magical Girl from Another World~ Alferica von ze Bakraid I will end all Bio soldiers! Prepare yourselves! Illustration: Ariu CV: Aruha Kotone Appears in:Magical Girl Alferica ~The Demon-Cleansing Exorcist Maiden~ Sakura Kagurazaka Return to the path of righteousness! Illustration: Ixy CV: Ai Umehara Appears in:Exorcist Maiden Sakura ~The Girl Searching for Herself~ Haruna (Haruna Shingu) As long as I have this suit, I can fight! Illustration: Aoiro 3 CV: Yukiko Shinomori Appears in:Denshi Tokusou Haruna ~The Girl Clad in Destiny~ Rinko Yanase This is Rinko Yanase, here to assist. Illustration: Aoiro 3 CV: Yui Otokura Appears in:Kudou Soukou Fordia ~Agent of the Galactic Federation~ Lily Let’s go, Fumi! Illustration: Purinpu CV: Kanoko Appears in:Princess Kishin Lily & Fumi ~The Girl Fused With the Kishin Stone~ Fumi (Fuyumi Makabe) I’ll show you the power of Princess Kishin! Illustration: Purinpu CV: Poplar Sawano Appears in:Princess Kishin Lily & Fumi ~The Psychic Who Battles Evil~ Nagisa Kujo Just you wait, Shar Dark! I’ll crush you mysefl! Illustration: Purinpu CV: Narumi Aisaka Appears in:Sailor Splendor the Telepathic Girl ~The Demon-Destroyer~ Charlotte Catherine Clouet I’ll cleanse this world of all demons! Illustration: Purinpu CV: Rio Fujimura Appears in:Exorcist Charlotte

Circle:No Future


Genre:Woman’s Viewpoint,Successive Orgasms,Transforming Girl,Magic Girl,Violation,Restraint,Gangbang,Tentacle

Release date:11/23/2022