How to build an Elven Village

Overview A sexy and sweet R18 impregnation themed OneShota RPG set in a fantasy world and about building your own village (full of lewd ladies and erotic elves!) Behold the Elf specimen! Long ears. Beautiful features. Long lives. Exotic… They gather together for mutual protection, build villages, and help nurture forests rich with Fey and mana. As guardians of nature… what are their daily lives like? Here. A group of young elves have begun the building of a new village. Curious? Then how about we take a peek on the mystical lives of elves? [Caution] This is a 3D game. It requires a PC that can handle 3D graphics. Make sure that you confirm system compatibility via the trial version prior to purchase. [Compatible Platforms] Windows / MacOS * When downloading files from the web to MAC OS devices, security features will automatically be attributed to the file and can cause issues with saving and loading. Make sure that you copy the extracted .app file to another folder and before running it. [System Specifications] – At least 8 GB of memory – Adequate Graphics Card (We have confirmed that the game uses about 40% of an RTX2060’s capabilities.) [Input Devices] – Gamepad / controller (We recommend an Xbox controller for PC.) – Keyboard [Trial Ver. / Demo] – Can be played from the Tutorial to the Novice / Beginner Quests. – Save feature is not enabled. – 3 female characters (2 sex positions only, pregbelly sex, clothing cannot be removed.) Check out our Ci-en for updates and making bug reports: Sales Points An exquisite merger of 3D Graphics with 2D Pixel Art of beautiful forest elves. Explore the forest, perform quests, and build your village! Up to 4 characters per party. Make babies with lots of lewd ladies. The sex scenes are pixel art animations. Cross-section cuts (seX-rays) included, so you can fully enjoy the moment of insemination! While it has little effect from a game system perspective, pregbelly sex is possible too. There are many dangerous monsters in the forest. Be ESPECIALLY careful of succubi.



Genre:Cross-section View,Dot / Pixel,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Pregnancy / Impregnation,Reverse Rape

Release date:05/17/2022