Succubus Academia (EN)

Latest Information (in Japanese): ◆Twitter: ◆blog: PV (All-ages): [Story] With the appearance of seductive succubi, the academy is turned into another world. With no means to battle the sex demons, all the humans can do is “satisfy” them, so they’ll leave sooner. However, to satisfy a succubus, one must be cum-squeezed…to death. And so it was that you were chosen as the sacrifice meant to restore peace to the school by satisfying these lusty demons… [Gameplay] In this game, all battles result in sex, and all battles result in defeat. Your goal in battle is to satisfy the succubi by giving them your cum. Special actions such as Begging, Resisting, and Submission can also please them on occasion. After boss battles, the protagonist’s energy is sapped, and he dies; his powers transferring to the next protagonist. The goal is the satisfy 5 succubus before all possible protagonists die. The academy becomes a dream-like setting, with pixies, harpies, and other fantastical monsters patrolling about. They are otherworldly succubi, but not the kind that take your life. In fact, you can receive helpful items and money from them to power up (?) your protagonist. Characters 1/3 Ayumu The childhood friend of Seiji, a boy in the kendo club. They both have feelings for each other, but haven’t progressed past friendship. There are rumors about why she hasn’t confessed to him… Mayu A girl on the school track team. Competitive, and doesn’t show her emotions. It seems she’s holding something back… Yukari A swim star adored by her juniors. When the academy is thrown into fantastical chaos, her clubmates search for her, to no avail… Mutsuki The earnest student council president. Even amongst the chaos, she encourages the students to do self-study. However, she suddenly and mysteriously disappears… Characters 2/3 Yui A lover of the occult. She tries to support the protagonist in his fight against the succubi. Nina A rough delinquent that seemingly shows her kind side to the boys with the imminent danger of the succubi…? Mochiduki-Sensei The calm and attractive infirmary nurse. As the dream world impacts the students, she works to help them relax, and get them their nutrients. She also has a secret… Mnemosyne A goddess of memory summoned in the academy basement. She loves loves seeing fearful memories… Characters 3/3 Pfks A mysterious woman that appears before the protagonist, and tells him of his fated death. It seems she’s an enemy of the succcubi, but what is her real goal… Demon Merchant Summoned by the occult club, this strange devil now seems to have just the right items to deal with this succubi problem. (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Nonhuman / Monster Girl,Succubus / Incubus,Uniform,School / Academy,Reverse Rape,Submissive Man

Release date:02/12/2022