Ice Jade & Dungeon Adventure

Summary Chinese and English versions are included. [Story] Ice Jade, a daughter of a prestigious magus family, was secretly in love with experimenting with her sexual magics. One day, she tests her self-made magical erotic dungeon! As she stepped into the dungeon…OOPS! Unexpected trouble occurs and now she has come all the way down to the bottom of the dungeon! Will Ice Jade escape the dungeon safely? [Contents] -Bondage -Fake bondage -Masturbation -Toys -Sex-crest -Tentacles -Mummification etc… [Game System] This is a roguelike STG game made with Unity. Please check your system compatibility before purchasing. 1. The game is specialized in restraints and debuff contents, with no depiction of sexual intercourse! No penetration by male monsters is shown, and there is absolutely no nudity unless the player desires so. Adjust to your liking! 2. Dressing-up system that lets you almost always wear in layers! From simple clothing to naughty adult toys…the total combination patterns are ENDLESS! 3. FULL of abnormal conditions! Aphrodisiacs, leg binding, sex-crests… From magical spells to physical effects, everything is served for you. 4. Animation and partial voiceovers! With unity animation, the heroine moves smoothly. Experience the carefully-made realistic sounds, like the ball-gagged muffling voices! 5. Updates!? Check our blog to see if there are any updates scheduled! [Blog] Ci-en articles are updated weekly! Let us hear your thoughts and opinions!



Genre:Clothes Changing / Dress up,Collar / Chain / Restraints,Whip / Rope / Candle,Fantasy,SM,Sexual Bondage,Restraint,Shame / Humiliation

Release date:02/02/2023