Milly and the Forest of Sacrifice [English Ver.]

*Warning This game was created using RPG Tkool MV. Please check system compatibility via the demo version. The contents of the game may be changed due to updates to fix bugs. We highly recommend purchasing as a member. * Content An exploration-type RPG with tentacles (no battles). With no puzzle-solving and gimmicks, enjoy stress-free play as you search for H Events. – H Scenes: 30 + ( Lewdness differences) – CG: 20 Basic + variations (excluding pose art) – Memories Room included (After clearing the game once, all events are unlocked immediately) – Lewdness and Nude mode included – Event Skip included – Erotic Stats included – Virgin Clear not available. * H Situations Sex situations only include tentacles and slimes. *Humans and monsters not included. Tentacles, Slimes, Stomach inflation, vore, anal, egg-laying, octopus legs, etc. Various tentacle-corruption situations included. * Story Milly, who was offered as a sacrifice, gets violated by tentacles in the evil forest. In order to escape, Milly explores the area. However… * Trial Version – Save data from the trial version cannot be transferred to the retail version. – Certain parts of the trial version may differ from the retail version. ——————————————- Illustration: Oddrod Twitter: Homepage: This product is the English language version of “Millie and the Forest of Sacrifice (RE252848)”, and contains overlapping content with that title. This product contains overlapping content with the following titles: “Millie and the Forest of Sacrifice (RE252848)” “Milly and the Forest of Sacrifice [Chinese Ver.] (RE274100)”



Genre:Elf / Fairy,Fantasy,Vore,Violation,Tentacle,Interspecies Sex

Release date:01/05/2020