Mom's Best Friend was Cursed and Her Hole Stinks So Bad

Reminiscence room 20 base CG 3 ENDs Guide: TWITTER Amanda, an archer, and her best friend Laura, a magician, used to work as adventurers. For some reason, they left the war with the demons and decided to live in seclusion in a secluded place. 10 years later, Amanda picks up her bow and arrow again and enters the forest where the monsters live. However, because she had not fought for many years, she quickly fell into crisis. At that time, the person who appeared in front of her and saved her was a boy named Hiro, who was taken in and raised by her best friend. “Auntie, you came here all for this, didn’t you? To get this ‘Good Smelly Kinky Breastmilk’ that can break your curse!” Yes. Amanda was cursed by a succubus. Her “hole” has been stinking for 10 years. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Hoi Hoi Hoi


Genre:Male Protagonist,Breasts,Senior,Age Disparity,Elder Girl x Younger Boy,Younger Boy x Elder Girl,Big Breasts,Nipples / Areola

Release date:01/29/2024