Sexy pharmacist Itori-chan

Itori-chan is a normal guy who is a bit interested in sex. She was studying every day to become a pharmacist, which she had dreamed of since long ago. Starting the pharmacy business from an unexpected turn, Itori started living in the free town of Merumeru without restriction. She started meeting requests and collecting materials, and then selling drugs within the town, taking down magic… Whether her store becomes famous for mixing drugs or she becomes immersed in sex is up to you. Itori-chan’s day is about to begin. * Inter-species rape * Aphrodisiac-charged sex * Gang rape * Rape * Pregnancy * Breastfeeding * Prostitute * Public place sex * Captive sex This product contains overlapping content with: “Itori-chan’s Ecchi Pharmacy (RE178128)”

Circle:Peach Palette


Genre:Loli,Violation,Shame / Humiliation,Rape,Big Breasts,Insect Sex

Release date:11/27/2019