The Savior of Impregnation

Summary After a fatal car accident, you are rebirthed in another world as a Savior. With the help of your Nun servant, you’ll travel around while saving the empire from various threats. Although you’re still weak from rebirth, you can increase your power by having sex with women. Develop relationships with many different girls, and eventually create your harem. Don’t neglet your harem too much though! Somone is waiting to act on your negligence. (Can be disabled in the options if you don’t want NTR.) Content Base HCG 96 Total HCG 875 (Includes a gallery system, which can unlock all scenes immediately) Press “Q” to open player menu, which contains the skill tree/gallery. Press “W” to open partner menu, to interact with and give commands to the Nun. (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Huài yù


Genre:Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,Prostitution / Paid Dating,Harem,Cuckoldry (Netorare),Cuckoldry (Netori),Ahegao / Gapeface,Big Breasts,Pregnant Woman

Release date:10/17/2023