Custom Egg

Summary In Egg World, anyone can make and customize their own Egg! Give it a try, make your own to keep! Once your Egg hatches, that’s when the real fun begins! System [Customization] Height, body type, skin color, cup size, eyes, mouth, ears, hair color and style — all customizable! And it’ll all show up during the sexy bits…! [Raising] Manage your Eggs’ energy, hunger, thirst, and happiness! And make sure to train them so their exercise, study, sexual prowess, intelligence, sex appeal, and intimacy parameters grow! [Earning Money] Have your Eggs take on jobs, or just sell unfertilized eggs to make some cash! [Shop] Buy food and drinks for your Eggs, and even get custom parts. There’s even a gacha for outfits. [Casino] Play card games and bet money! [Positions] There are lots of different positions during sex, but your Egg will need to meet the stat requirements first. [NPCs] There are two NPCs in Egg World, and if you fulfill certain conditions, you’ll get to have some fun with them too!



Genre:Clothed,Clothes Changing / Dress up,Dot / Pixel,Anime,Harem,Ahegao / Gapeface,Internal Cumshot,Pregnancy / Impregnation

Release date:07/20/2022