[ENG Ver.] Dissolute Daydream

————————————————————————————————————————————- ※Before purchasing, please confirm system compatibility with the demo version. ————————————————————————————————————————————- Become a succubus and sneak into the dreams of a silver-haired elf with big boobs. Slowly turn her into a naughty girl by draining her energy! Develop her erogenous zones with simple click controls! Controls consist of clicking only! Develop the elf’s body by touching her and draining her energy! A touch & click-type game! Animated with Live2D! With Live2D, the movements of the animations are smooth! Enjoy the elf quivering from pleasure and her changing expressions! Summon items using accumulated energy! Get items using the energy you drain from the elf! Automatically drain energy using items and make the elf feel good more easily! ※Male genitalia does not appear. Sex toys are mainly used. ※There is no ending to this game. You can play and enjoy it whenever you want. This content uses “CRI ADX2 (TM) LE” from CRI Middleware Co.



Genre:Touch / Feel,Toys,Elf / Fairy,Fantasy,Erotic Sexual Denial,Big Breasts

Release date:03/30/2022