[ENG ver.] Putting Cheeky Girl into Her Place! Pixel-Sex Life in the Hot Spring Town!

(English product description provided by the creator.) [Story] A bewitching girl seduces “you”, who has traveled to a hot spring resort town. “Onii-san, you’re a kind of person who loves a girl like…me? *giggle* It’s okay. I’ll play with you for a little while…” You were at her mercy, being lewdly played with and teased by her. But finally, your rationality reaches its limit… “AAahh!! Y-your dick are thrusting so hard, making my pussy understand! I’m going to get put into my place by this!!” Sex Simulator Game with Full Pixel Animations! [Introductions] Foot job in a hot spring during the daytime. You can freely change the animation speed and magnification rate. The girls’ lines are automatically displayed according to the situations. Hand job in your inn room in the evening. You are fapped at her mercy. Armpit job in the dressing room. She seems to be a little reluctant, but it doesn’t matter. Let’s do what you wants to her! Wakarase (Making her understand)-Sex in the bedroom at night. You won’t forgive a girl for trying to seduce you! [Character] [Sayuki] A bewitching local girl who appears in front of “you” on your journey, and seduces you. Loli body type. She is good at hand jobs, foot jobs, and other teasing type plays. However, she is actually a secret masochist and fantasizes about being punished by the power of a big dick… [Contents and Functions] This is a pixel animation sex simulator game that you can casually enjoy. It can be operated with a mouse only. Includes footjob, armpitjob play animations, besides common plays. You can play the sex animations freely in all maps. You can switch the time of day and night, so you can have sex with her at any time! Settings for the animation speed and zoom, and turn on/off the voice and sound effects. Automatic display function for girl’s lewd dialogues. Randomized dialogs adds variety to plays! Japanese traditional Onsen (Hot spring) inns and inn town maps that will give you a sense of travel. The protagonist (You) is just a silhouette with no personality. There isn’t his dialogue either. All Contents in the Japanese newest version (1.30) included! (English product description provided by the creator.)

Circle:Angel Observer


Genre:Dot / Pixel,Anime,Loli,Younger (Dominant),Strong Willed (Submissive),Foot Job,Coercion / Compulsion,Submissive Man

Release date:02/06/2022