NejicomiSimulator Vol.1 (Gapping, Amputee sex slave, Petrify, Time Stop)

Game System A virtual onahole / faphole like you’ve never seen before!! Intuitive controls: Drag your mouse intuitively to wreck this slut with your virtual dick! NEJIKOMI that massive thing in her pussy. Her titties will bounce in sync with your actions and smooth 60FPS Live2D animation is sure to please your eyes. Not to mention her cute moans and groans and screams of… pleasure? We aimed for realistic physics in a fantasy setting. Check out the limits of her body for yourself. Variety in visual parts and settings! Glasses ON/OFF Blindfold ON/OFF Ballgag ON/OFF Uteral prolapse ON/OFF Nipple and pussy piercings ON/OFF Belly button and nose piercings ON/OFF (You can unlock even further piercings with hidden features!) Empty rape eyes ON/OFF Male hands ON/OFF Screen shaking ON/OFF Black bar / mosaic censorship switching Camera follow ON/OFF Petrifaction ON/OFF Faphole-ification ON/OFF Time stopping ON/OFF Hide UI Change size / position OPPAI Slider (Change her titty size) CLIT Slider (same for her clitoris) Change her expression Set her ‘squirting’ level For not only her pussy, but breast milk as well! Set the ‘tightness’ of her pussy. The sensitivity of dragging with the mouse. Sound effects and volume settings Change the size / shape of the dildo And last but not least… Language switchability: Japanese and ENGLISH! Hidden Features There are a number of missions that await you. Clear them to unlock extra features. * Please note that in order to unlock the features you will need a Twitter account and to associate the application to it. Considering the contents, you should probably use an R18 account with a lock on it. (Private settings) Contains the following situations: Gapeface, nipple / genital / belly button / nose piercings, lewd body scribbles, genital expansion, ballgag, giant dildo penetration, uteral prolapse, preg-belly, limbnessless, faphole-ification, petrification, time stopping, breast milk, and squirting! * Regarding the Trial Version As this game performs real time physics calculations it can place a heavy load on your PC. Depending on your environment, you may not be able to run this satisfactorily. So, please, by all means, do try out the demo before hand to confirm operability. Oh, and check out our official twitter! TwitterID : @yabukarabow2



Genre:Touch / Feel,Successive Orgasms,Piercings / Accessories,Foreign Objects,Petrifaction,Time Stopping,Stretch / Expansion,Body Modification

Release date:08/12/2020