Robolife2 - Nova Duty

Experience living under the same roof with a robot girl! Manage your time between adventuring and enhancing your android in this brand-new sequel! Through a twist of fate, you managed to free Nova, an irregular android, from the authorities, and now you live together! Solve mysteries, get employed, and uncover the secrets behind her mysterious past! he location which Nova and the main protagonist live in is the same with Aino’s but sets in a different timeline. Experiences with the first game is not required, you can still enjoy the sequel by itself ! Gameplay Nova’s parts (and outfit) are interchangeable! Unlock twelve sets featuring over 30 parts for her head, torso, and limbs! Mix and match over 1000+ combinations to suit your mission or your personal tastes. Save Nova, get her a job, and earn money to improve her performance and appearance. Assist your fellow citizens and complete events to advance the story. Research and develop parts for Nova to make her both stronger and sexier! Features Enjoy the fully voiced and animated H-event CGs. Get rewarded as you play through our intuitive combat and exploration systems. Immerse yourself in 8000+ lines of dialogue, multiple endings, epilogues, and the choice to play for as long as you like! PV: twitter: Main Heroine Nova A wanted android with malfunction She has her own way of dealing with things. At the insistence of the protagonist, now they live together. Helping him pass his college exam. Sub Heroines Ammie A strayed Android that lives in the junkyard. Light-hearted and kind, she will lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She often struggles with the cost of good for the strays nearby. Stina A subordinate Android to the Blueliant corp. Responsible for the public security in the city, she detests rule breakers. Sometimes works as a bodyguard for the government officials. Joy’s twin sister Joy A subordinate Android to the Blueliant corp. She works at the front desk for the company. Loves making dirty jokes and is highly interested in sexual intercourse. Owner of a brothel in the private. Stina’s twin sister. Alisa Sister of the Church of Twine. Being a survivor of a serious accident, 48% of her body is implanted with robot prosthetic. She preaches for a better future where human and android can strive. Sophie A knuckleheaded Android. Super loyal to her master, Ash. Views Nova and the protagonist as her rival. Various challenges are issues by her from time to time. (Text: English / Voice: Japanese) (English product description provided by the creator.)



Genre:Clothes Changing / Dress up,Breasts,Gal,Robot / Android,Love Comedy / Romcom,Lovey Dovey / Sweet Love,SF,Living Together

Release date:06/02/2023