a Last Summer (w/English subtitles)!

That summer in that classroom, we created a lasting memory. Amidst the loud buzzing of the cicadas and the clinging, dense air, we intently worked up a passionate sweat. The ultimate 3D anime presented in stunning, full hi-vision (HD1080p), revealing each and every hair in this carefully crafted high quality animation. This is the realization of a new type of experiential anime with bold camera angles showing various first person points of view, and a unique ambiance that gives the impression that you and your body are part of the action. A young girl truly feeling the sensation as she blushes red… Detailed images expressing the ultimate climax… The soft, mounds of flesh that ripple with every thrust… The wet pink flesh that seeks pleasure… The highly realistic orgasms with the flow of warm, sticky juices… The many seductive moves of a young girl are revealed before your eyes. An exciting free trial version is also available in full HD for your viewing pleasure. [Warning] As this is a work that has been produced to a high resolution, depending on the environment, images may not be adequately reproduced. Be sure to check the images on the trial version before making your purchase. This is the ENGLISH version translated by the circle themselves.

Circle:Atelier KOB


Genre:Anime,Uniform,Gym Shorts,Bukkake,Internal Cumshot

Release date:Aug/26/2010