Bound and Gagged - Ties that won't make her run away!

Bound and Gagged – Ties that won’t make her run away – Gag Snob’s second e-book is finally done. It is an art book filled with pictures of kinky girls in bondage, damsels in distress and helpless ladies in peril. All of them bound and gagged for your viewing pleasure. – a PDF e-book in two parts – written in English – 132 pages in total – 51 new colored bondage pictures – 9 new black and white bondage pictures – 19 revised older pictures (previously unpublished) – 23 other illustrations – 15 very old pictures for explanatory purposes – 117 illustrations in total – short stories and descriptions – a look behind the scenes – a look at Gag Snob’s artistic development If you like them strictly tied and well gagged, don’t miss it!

Circle:Gag Snob

Categories:Software,CG Set

Genre:Bondage,SM,Tight Binding,Sexual Training

Release date:Aug/12/2012