Daburushii (English-translated version)!

ENGLISH version translated by native English professional translators. * A collection of CG images and animations about various acts of lecherous conduct in the toilets of a certain shopping mall! * Contains 7 sequences of a looping animation followed by a finish shot followed by a loop for the aftermath! * Of course you can change the speed of the animation! Take the lead! * Hinaki Namune, Yukiya and Shinohara Miku have created lovely voice samples that play during the animations! But there are no sound effects. * The animation is smoother than ever, for that extra wet experience! * Features visibly soft lips for fellatio, swaying buttocks and breasts and loads of semen for your enjoyment! * Includes 8 base images and 7 animation varieties, for a total of 15 patterns! * In addition, the product includes 50 sketches created between December 9th 2006 and July 18th 2007.

Circle:Airily Steps


Genre:Bukkake,Internal Cumshot,Breast Sex,Masturbation,Blowjob,Rape

Release date:Oct/06/2007