Derby 2 Fox Hunting!

Noble dutchess Monica has been kidnapped by her enemy from Spanish school Emma and her trainer Victoria. They stripped her peerage and dressed her in a permanent rubber latex ponygirl suit! She is forced to become a horse, or better said ponygirl, against her will. Emma can’t wait to start training her with whip and forced orgasms. Meanwhile their new rubber maid Jennifer, former police officer, attempted to escape. Emma wants to punish her, but Victoria has a better idea. They invite another girl from Spanish school for a classic fox hunt. The fox will be Jennifer in her brand new rubber latex costume! Emma plans to cheat like always and equips poor Jennifer with a GPS chastity belt. She will win this match and show the other girls who’s best, but her plans could dramatically change. Our latest adult bondage comic contain 13 full panel pages + cover in 2480 x 3508 pix (UHD1 resolution). Featuring: body transformation, bondage, ponyplay, capturing, parody uniforms, fox hunt, petplay, rubber maid, lesbian sex.


Categories:Software,Digital Comic / Bondage Ponygirl Comic

Genre:Uniform,Rubber,Lesbian,Body Modification

Release date:Apr/13/2016